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Peel Off End

CK Peel Off End is characterized by the following features

For Dry, Powder Product

Especially designed for powder products such as baby milk powder, coffee, cashew nuts. You can choose the opening method according to usage.

Aluminum foil is bonded to the tin plate by a heat-sealing process that provides a more convenient and easy way to open metal cans than other types of Easy Open Ends.
There is no need for a separate leveling bar inside the metal can to measure baby powder, which saves money on packaging, convenience and hygiene.
It does not require an extra leveling bar inside of the metal can for measuring baby powder so it offers cost saving in packaging, convenience and hygiene.


CK Package offers various specifications of Peel Off End

Tab Type

Classification of products based on Tab Type

CK PACKAGE offers two different tab designs depending on customer's preference.


Opening Shape

Classification of products based on Opening Methods

Leveling bar of "D" type can help your easy scooping and accurate spoon measurement.

Diameter Tinplate AI-FOIL Tab Opening Use
401 0.21mm 60 mic. Pull O / D Dry
401 0.21mm 90 mic. Pull/Ring O / D Dry
401 0.25mm 90 mic. Pull/Ring O / D Dry
502 0.21mm 60 mic. Pull O / D Dry
502 0.21mm 90 mic. Pull/Ring O / D Dry
502 0.25mm 90 mic. Pull/Ring O / D Dry


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Production Process

Newest production facilities based on high technology

1. Plain End Input

2. Punching

3. Folding

4. C-curling & Sealing

5. Embossing

6. Output & Inspection

Quality Control

CK Package maintains the quality through various test

CK PACKAGE is making all-out efforts to ensure the highest quality product around the clock.
  • CK PACKAGE's product complies with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and EU Regulation.
  • The product meets the food safety in compliance with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and EU Regulation.
  • High level of hygiene is maintained so defects in production are minimized through automated production system and testing equipments.
  • All manufactured products are managed and monitored perfectly by the most advanced vision system and inspection data back-up guarantees perfect traceability.


All manufacturing processes and products are controlled by ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

ISO 22000

FSSC 22000

Sales Personnel

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